CALCULATING YOUR TOTAL CUBIC YARDS / TONS: Use the below calculators to determine the total cubic yards / tons with the corresponding depth.

DIRECTIONS: Enter the width of the area you are working with, then enter the length of the area. The calculator will automatically render what you will need in cubic yard as well as a tonnage equivalent at different depths (thickness). Consult our staff for the best depth for your particular project.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an tool that gives an approximate answer, some stones and aggregates are lighter than others and may alter the totals. This calculator is based on a Drain Rock (loose rock) density of 2,835 lbs per cubic yard. For Base Rock (compacted rock), multiply your totals by 1.4 for a density of 4,000 lbs per cubic foot. Check with our staff for all final quotes.


Cubic Yard and Ton Calculator: Enter your width and length of the area you are working on and our calculator will give you an automatic conversion.

 Enter Width of the Area in feet
 Enter Length of the Area in feet
Cubic Yards Tons
 Depth of 2"
Depth of 3"
 Depth of 4"
 Depth of 5"
 Depth of 6"

QUICK REFERENCE: Simple conversion from Cubic Yards to Square Feet (1cubic yard = length X width X depth divided by 27)* QUICK REFERENCE: Material Coverage*
Total Depth in Inches Total Square Feet (converted) Unit Size Total Coverage at 2" deep
1" 324 Sq. Ft. 1/2 Cubic Foot Bag 2.25 sf

162 Sq. Ft.

2 Cubic Foot Bag 9.5 sf
3" 108 Sq. Ft. 3 Cubic Foot Bag 14 sf
4" 81 Sq. Ft. 22 LB. Bag 1.5 sf
5" 67 Sq. Ft. 40 LB. Bag 2 sf
6" 54 Sq. Ft. Tractor Scoop (approx. 1/2 cy) 80 sf
7" 47 Sq. Ft. Cubic Yard 162 sf
8" 40 Sq. Ft.    
9" 36 Sq. Ft.    
10" 33 Sq. Ft. * Please note that material coverage is approximate and varies amoung aggregates. Please use this only as a reference. Contact our staff for all final quotes.
11" 30 Sq. Ft.
12" 27 Sq. Ft.


CALCULATING YOUR SQURE FOOTAGE: Use the below calculators to determine the square footage for tricky areas!


Circular Areas

Oval Areas

Triangle Areas

CALCULATING HOW MANY TONS PER CUBIC YARD: Use the table below as a reference point for the different densities of stones (moisture will affect weight).


Stone Type Tons per Cubic Yard
Coral Rock 3/8" (pea rock)


Coral Rock #57 1.20
Lava Rock 0.60
Crimson 1.17
River Rock (all sizes) 1.33
Granite 1/4" 1.13
Granite 1/2" 1.33
Granite 1" 1.33
Palmetto Green 1.33
Marble Chip 1.35
Beach Pebbles 1.35
Sand (dry) 1.5
Mulch (dry) 0.5


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